boletin pcc complet

Complet has launched its ongoing training program PCC_COMPLET.  

Under the slogan of “constant innovation”, we have launched an exciting program of ongoing training for wholesalers and distributors, which is called PCC_COMPLET. The program will search, in principle, to train a hundred customers regardless of whether they have previous knowledge or not, free of charge in physical or virtual manner.

PCC_COMPLET aims to keep updated wholesalers and distributors on all the new incumbent to the energy sector, to develop specific knowledge of the electronic protection equipment, know what is the benefit of purchasing a product of these and the most important to offer the product to the end user.

The main idea of this program is to teach new and better ways to make a sale, to get the most benefit for the products made in Mexico, and to work together with customers.

We will train our clients in power equipments like no breaks and regulatory , besides providing a certification in online UPSs  for the purpose of increase knowledge of backup power solutions to ensure quality care to their end customers.

With this certification will complement the knowledge about all kinds of facilities and projects involving uninterrupted power systems of 1, 3 and 10 KVA.

At the end of our program PCC_COMPLET our wholesalers and distributors will be eligible to offer the customer the right equipment and have the wisdom to tell what’s the proper equipment according to the needs required by the end user.

Those interested can learn more through the mail  or by calling (01800) 1118872 Monday to Friday at  9 am to 6.30 pm or on our website

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