How do I choose a No Break?


What is a No Break? No break or UPS (uninterruptible power supply for its acronym in English ) provides us with additional energy when there is no light , giving us the opportunity to save the information that we were using at that time so as to properly shutdown.

One thing we should consider is that there are different energy storage capacity , this means that we may be one that only 15 minutes of power or other give us 1 hour, its capacity is measured by VA ( Volt Ampere ) .

What can support and protect? The No break is to be used in electronic devices such as televisions, monitors, LCD, audio and video equipment, surveillance cameras, video games, computers and more. Do not connect appliances with electric motor as refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc. Because the demands of this type of equipment would damage the No Break.

What consumption is the equipment that I want support and protect? See the features of your team support for consumption, this is identified in Volt or Watt. (With the initials VA or W). If it is in Watt multiply the Watt by 2 to find out the consumption of your equipment in VA.

Examples of consumption: