The protection and support in the electronic


Did you know that a No Break not only serves to protect and back up your PC?

Previously we thought that was a No Break specifically to support devices or desktop computers and not lose data in the event of a power failure.

Today diversification of electronic products is increasing taking us to the need to not only support a desktop but also support our electronic equipment, some examples are : smart tvs , displays, entertainment centers, audio equipment and game consoles .

That’s why in COMPLET have created a new business unit which focuses on a groundbreaking new market. Our first release is Power Box , which when integrated to this unit ensures the power to protect and support electronics and others. Another innovative feature is that it works as a load center for mobile devices.

Develop friendly features integration with the user through the touch control technology and intensity of light and sound , plus it has piano type finish and rubber pad that allows you to place your mobile devices , so that you do not slip or scratched.

Power Box created with the objective that integrates the most advanced designs of electronic equipment today. This under the concept that they are part of the decor of our home.

With this release we offer our customers the first  No Break new generation of consumer electronics devices . Find him from February 2014  with your dealer of choice.