What is a portable USB battery (MicroPower)?


Charge your mobile devices wherever you are .

Have you run out of battery at a time of emergency?
Can not find where to charge your mobile device?
Your battery is depleted when you still need to keep working ( or playing ) ?
Lost the power your mobile device?

COMPLET Mobile has the solution for you.

What is MicroPower 3000 ?

Micropower 3000 is the perfect solution for recharging mobile phones , smartphones , tablets , MP3/MP4 players , cameras , laptops, game consoles and many more products at any time and place.

This portable Battery is compatible with all types of devices that are charged through a USB port. Its compact design and light weight (less than 200 grams ) makes it an easy to carry anywhere .

How to charge MicroPower 3000 ?

Charge your battery is extremely easy. You only need to connect to a USB port through a mini USB cable (included). A red LED will light indicating that it is in recharge mode , when the LED turns green means your MicroPower 3000 is fully charged and ready for use .

How long loading MicroPower 3000 ?

Its 3000 mAh capacity allows you to charge up to 2 times a cell , considering that the current standard of a mobile battery is 1500 mAh, or up to 40 % of a tablet 10 ” .

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Micropower 3000 … More energy increases your mobility.