About us


Tecnologias Unidas S.A. de C.V. manufacturer of the brand COMPLET is a 100% Mexican company founded in 1983 dedicated to the manufacture and development of power equipment. With 30 years of experience in the market, Tecnologias Unidas S.A. de C.V. has managed to meet the highest requirements of customers due to the immediate responsiveness, thanks to production plant and offices in Mexico City.

We are a team committed to excellence and continuous improvement of our processes, products and services, so we rely on the certification of ISO 9001:2008. All products are made with the latest technology and the highest quality standards.

Proudly we give you our mission and vision:


Develop, manufacture and distribute innovative products for protection and backup power supply fixed and mobile, providing our customers with solutions that have the information, quality, performance and more value added service.


We will be national leaders in the manufacture and marketing of voltage regulators and uninterruptible power fixed and mobile.  Additionally, we will highlight as the provider of power solutions with the highest level of service category and backup power protection.